2019 – 2020


New name, new look.

How we helped a retail marketing agency stand out from the crowd.

When Pioneers opened a Berlin branch to get closer to their customers, they decided it was also time for a brand refresh. We simplified their identity with a new name and website.



Finding the differentiators.

Pioneers works with clients across the retail sector to help outfit their stores with immersive and interactive shop installations. They believe that retail has a magic unmatched by online shops—and strive to surprise customers with each shop.

In a series of in-depth interviews we identified not just their convictions but also what sets them apart in this fiercely competitive market.



A cleaned-up identity.

Pioneers used to consist of several sub-companies, which artificially separated their offering and required them to maintain several websites. We brought their different branches together under just one memorable term: Pioneers.

To match the name with new visuals, we created a new graphic identity that’s unapologetically modern: Based on variable typography and a bold color scheme, it clearly communicates the brand’s progressive and youthful approach.


New Vocabulary

Copy with personality.

We believe that words communicate most effectively—and should go hand in hand with strong visuals. For Pioneers to reach more international clients, we created an English copywriting guide that helped this German company express themselves with character and wit.



Putting the work first.

Pioneer’s work is shown inside of stores, right in front of customers. On their website we wanted to make it just as visible to convince prospective clients of their expertise.

Case studies form the backbone of the site, designed to let the work speak for itself through large-scale photos.

Based on an easy-to-use CMS, Pioneer's staff can easily self-administer the page and add new work samples whenever a project is completed.



Screens, cards, t-shirts.

The new graphic identity was designed from the ground up to scale across materials—allowing us to create business cards, slide decks, and even a new doormat in Pioneers’ new style.


Pitch Decks

Best foot forward.

Pioneers regularly presents their approach and new projects to potential clients. To ensure their experience shines through we created the presentation templates with a clear structure and an emphasis on their previous work.

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