2019 – 2020


Relocation redefined.

How we helped a global mobility provider promote their services and language courses.

Moving abroad can be disruptive. The relocation experts at Expath make it a breeze. We worked with them to create a light-hearted identity that captures the excitement of starting life in a new country.


New ambitions, new visuals

Over the recent years, Expath had grown both in size and ambition: From a purely B2C language school, they had expanded into the B2B relocation business and were helping both companies and individuals with relocation and learning a new language.

Our challenge? Distilling their diverse offering into a brand narrative that made sense and encapsulated all services.


An identity rooted in Expath’s approach

Relocation implies change, such as learning the language and customs of a new place. We took this core idea to develop a visual identity that uses instructional scribbles, bold type, and photo accents. Equally instructional and dynamic, it perfectly underscores what Expath is all about.

Since the client wanted to retain yellow as the primary brand color, we developed an expanded color scheme for more flexibility. Then we assigned a different color to each of Expath’s core services, making sure that their B2B and B2C offerings are differentiated at first glance.


Consistent terms, coherent language

Over the years, Expath’s offering had evolved, but the terminologies hadn’t. When redesigning their brand, we paid particular attention to naming consistency—and making sure terms like “class” and “course” weren’t used interchangeably.

The copywriting guide we created for Expath not only defined terms. It also established a unified tonality to be used across their materials: An activating language that’s helpful and gets straight to the point.


Brought to life on the web

Expath’s website is their clients’ first touchpoint, making it the most important showcase for the brand identity. Aside from making a clear value proposition, the website needed to differentiate between the company’s diverse products and services.

Our design approach keeps user journeys short and engaging, showing people exactly the right amount of information they need to make a purchase decision or contract Expath’s services.

Across the page, we relied on the design patterns established during the brand design to keep each section different and the pages lively—even with a lot of information.


Based on a powerful platform

Expath’s new website needed to include not just e-commerce functionality but also a publishing platform, landing pages, and interactive quizzes.

We developed it based on the Kirby CMS, creating a  custom backend that makes editing pages and adding new products or content as easy as possible.

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