Expath ~ Reimagining a relocation company.

Moving abroad can be disruptive. The relocation experts at Expath make it a breeze. We worked with them to create a light-hearted identity that captures the excitement of starting life in a new country.






Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design, Website Development, UX / UI

Branding with purpose

Relocation implies change, such as learning language and customs of a new place. We built an identity based on this core idea, useing instructional scribbles, bold type, and bright photography. Equally instructional and dynamic, it perfectly underscores what Expath is all about.

Expath Logo
Expath Color Scheme
Expath Logo Variations
Expath Type System
Expath Branding & Photo Usage
Expath Social Media Assets
Expath Iconography
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Website with e-commerce

Expath’s website makes an immediate impression. The client wanted to offer not just e-commerce functionality but also a publishing platform, landing pages, and interactive quizzes. We based it on a custom CMS that makes it easy to edit pages or add new products.

Expath Branding & Photo Usage
Expath Team Image
Expath Website Screens
Expath Website Screens
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Slick materials & presentations

The new identity is made to scale across different touch points, allowing us to create social media assets and presentations, all looking uniquely Expath.

Expath Brand Elements
Expath Brand Elements
Expath Poster Ad
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studio~humm were able to advise us on everything that we threw their way and always came up with smart solutions.

Marketing Manager @ Expath


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