Applica ~ Progressive communication for cutting-edge AI.

Applica’s powerful AI can decode and comprehend any type of document. We designed a memorable brand and website to make their product more accessible.

To underscore Applica’s technology and research credentials, we created a sci-fi inspired look, custom website, and animated video explainers.




Software & IT


Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design, Content & UX Writing, Website Development, Custom Illustrations, Motion Design

Retro-modern design system

The brand identity relies on characteristic typefaces, a color scheme with bright accent colors, and custom graphics. It’s uniquely Applica—just like the company’s research-driven approach.

Redesigned Applica Logo
Applica Color Scheme
Applica Branding & Copywriting
Applica Type System
Applica Custom Illustrations
Applica Logo Variations
Applica Brand Elements
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Flexible website

Structured around real-life use cases, the Applica website brings alive the product and allows prospective customers to quickly schedule a demo. We developed it to be fast, expandable, and ready for screens of all sizes.

Applica Brand Guidelines
Applica Custom Illustrations
Applica Website Designs
Applica Website Designs
Applica Mobile Website Design
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Slick videos and materials

Founded before the AI boom, Applica struggled to explain how their product worked. We worked with them on animated video explainers, impactful pitch decks, and other materials.

Applica Brand Elements
Applica Custom Iconography
Applica Poster Ad
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We chose studio~humm based on the ideas they had. Their creativity was different from anything else we’d seen, and that was what we wanted to stand out.

Marketing Director @ Applica


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