2019 – 2020


Identity and web design
for a cutting-edge AI

Applica’s powerful software can decode and comprehend any type of document. We made sure their brand looks equally impressive.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Applica’s technology eliminates much of the tedious work often associated with documents: It automates even complex and unstructured files. Gone are the days of looking for the needle in the haystack.

Designing an identity for Applica meant visually representing the nature of their business: Cutting-edge technology that processes complex documents and makes people’s lives easier.


Versatile Design System

For Applica we created a design language at once futuristic and geometric: It relies on a characteristic main typeface that hints at the technological excellence, paired with a monospaced secondary font that evokes documents.

A progressive color scheme lends the identity some sci-fi credentials and includes different color options for Applica’s main topics. That way, product information can different than information about underlying technology and science.

To rounding things off, we used playful illustrations to represent both the chaos inherent in many documents and the order Applica brings to them.


Clear Value Communication

How to explain “Document Automation”? Our identity relies on straightforward messaging that emphasizes Applica’s ability to understand all types of layouts, languages, and documents—whatever a client may throw at it.

We believe in messaging that gets to the point and doesn’t shroud use cases behind technical terms or complicated phrases. For Applica, we created a hierarchy of messaging that starts with basic information—and allows for occasional deep dives.


Flexible Website

We designed a site structure that revolves around real-life use cases to make clear Applica’s capabilities. It brings alive the product and it’s differentiators through rich illustrations and quickly lead visitors to schedule a product demo.

Applica’s website relies on the versatility of the design system to accommodate many types of content—from a company timeline to an interactive blog and a repository of research papers. Built on the Webflow platform, it includes custom-made templates for additional landing pages to expand the site in the future.


Bright Presentations

To ensure Applica’s new brand shines across all channels, we revamped the company’s presentation template and sales brochures, creating a set of flexible PowerPoint templates the team can use in their sales pitch.

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