2019 – 2020

Cara Care

Branding and web design for
a digital health startup.

An innovative digital therapy for digestive issues, Cara Care asked us to create their branding.

The challenge? Designing a pleasant way to represent an unpleasant topic.


Clear Brand Principles

Each brand needs a solid foundation. We conducted several in-depth discovery session to understand Cara Care’s history and objectives, then spoke with their users to learn how real people use the therapy app.

Working together with the client, we then created an set of brand principles that would become the basis for Cara Care’s updated tonality and style guide—a foundation to build on.


A Unique Design System

The digital health marketplace is dominated by an all-too familiar aesthetic: Lots of blue colors, geometric fonts, and same-ish stock photos.

We took Cara Care’s brand into a different direction, creating a color scheme that’s varied and playful, combined it with abstract illustrations, and a friendly type system.

Our final design system pairs these elements with a variety of organic shapes and introduces a masking system for photos. Built for flexibility, the system scales across screens of all sizes.


Messaging to Match

Digestive problems most often result from ingrained behaviors: Eating an unsuitable diet, dealing with too much stress, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Cara Care challenged us to create behavioral change in their users. We tackled this with a copywriting guideline that relies on reassuring and activating messaging—that always takes users’ issues seriously and never infantilizes them.


Responsive Web Design

The best design doesn’t do its job if it remains a concept. We supported Cara Care in implementing the new brand design across all of its different touch points

Cara Care’s website needed to cater both to users and to institutions that provide the therapy for their employees. We designed website structure that kept these two areas clearly separated—encouraging users to download the app and institutions to get a consultation.

With development done externally, we later supported the dev team during their work in bringing our designs to the web.


Recognizable Across All Touch Points

As a startup in a strong growth phase, Cara Care regularly needs to pitch their product to potential investors and partners. We not only designed their pitch deck but also created a slide master to make their presentations shine.

We also supported the company with social media templates that activate new users who may not be familiar with their app.

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