Creathor Ventures ~ A fresh look for investment.

In over 30 years of existence, this German company has made hundreds of successful investments across science and technology. We created a new visual language to suit their track record.




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Identity Design, Website Design, Website Development, Presentation Design

A new, minimalist aesthetic

Creathor wanted to retain their name and logo, but make a big visual leap. We created a minimalist, rational aesthetic with ample space for copy and photos. A characteristic grid system underpins all content, and the new color scheme adds much-needed variety.

Creathor Logo
Creathor Photography Curation
Creathor Color Scheme
Creathor Brand Elements
Creathor Type System
Creathor Type on Photo
Creathor Logo Variations
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Adapting the identity on the web

Translating Creathor’s new visual aesthetic into a website meant building of the grid system, adding interactivity, and accounting for different screen sizes. We used subtle animations to give the page character and a premium feel.

Creathor Website Screen
Creathor Website Screen
Creathor Website Screen
Creathor Website Screen
Creathor Website Screen
Creathor Mobile Screens
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Photos & materials

For Creathor we curated a library of photos that show their areas of expertise while avoiding stock photography clichés. Then we established a clean foundation for presentations and pitch decks, to make Creathor looks its best in front of clients.

Creathor Social Media Assets
Creathor Photo Library
Creathor Main Industries
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We’re happy with the results: The site is exactly what we had in mind when looking for an agency.

Communication Manager @ Creathor Ventures


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