A new face for venture capital.

We redesigned Creathor's visual language from scratch, positioning them as a premium investor with an attractive modern appearance and website.

In over 30 years of existence, this German company has made hundreds of successful investments across science and technology. We created a new visual language to suit their track record.



Identifying potential.

To take Creathor forward, we started by investigating the company's history, values, and competitive environment.

We found that Creathor wasn't just held back by a legacy website, but struggled to clearly communicate its focus. Together we decided to emphasize their expertise in two main fields of activity: Technology and Life Sciences.

The challenge? Bring these abstract topics to live.



A new, minimalist aesthetic.

Creathor wanted to retain their name and logo, but make a big visual leap. To do that, we had to rethink the fundamentals of their brand's visual expression and how it presents information using color, images, and typography.

We settled on a minimalist, rational aesthetic that affords ample space for large-scale images and copy. A characteristic grid system underpins all content while an updated color scheme makes the brand recognizable across different touch points.


Photo Curation

Coherent and futuristic.

Photos not just quickly communicate a topic, they can also set the mood. For Creathor we created a custom image language that showcased their expertise while avoiding  tired stock photography clichés.

Picking photography with subdued tones, soft contrast, and warm pastel colors, we achieved a harmonious look across different abstract motifs. That futuristic feel? Right in line with Creathor's forward-thinking nature.



A new home on the web,
simple and easy to use.

Translating Creathor's new visual aesthetic into a website meant building of the grid system, adding interactivity, and accounting for different screen sizes. We used subtle animations to give the page character and a premium feel.

Functional design goes beyond aesthetics: We created a clear site hierarchy and reusable UX patterns that ensure the site is easy to navigate and information can be found quickly.



and future-proof.

We developed Creathor's website with expandability in mind. Our solution uses a modern CMS that allows the company's team to easily self-administer the site and expand it whenever needed.

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