Convex Energy ~ A knowledge-driven trading house.

A cutting-edge commodities trading company, Convex Energy was looking for a new brand and website that encapsulated their tech and people-driven approach.






Brand Strategy,Identity Design, Content & UX Writing, Website Design, Creative Direction, Custom Illustrations, Presentation Design

Forward-looking design

Convex Energy wanted to look distinct from other trading companies. We chose an impactful, type-led identity with bright color contrast. Then we created a style of isometric illustrations that show energy infrastructure and even Convex’ Berlin campus.

Convex Energy Logo
Convex Energy Color Scheme
Convex Energy Messaging and Type
Convex Energy Main Typeface
Convex Energy Alternative Typesetting
Convex Energy Illustrations, Materials, and Messaging
Website layout with big typography.
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Flexible website interface

The branding fully comes to life on the new Convex Energy website, with scalable, full-width layouts and alternating color sections. Interactive elements let visitors explore the company’s offerings in an engaging way.

Convex Energy Website Screens
Convex Energy Website Menu
Convex Energy Website Screens
Convex Energy Custom Illustrations
Convex Energy Custom Campus Overview Graphic
Convex Energy Website Screens
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Custom merch & on-site photography

Working with Convex Energy, we designed and commissioned different merch articles, from stickers and posters to cups and clothing items. Finally, we took on-site photos at the Convex office, adding both color and personality to the designs.

Convex Energy Photography
Convex Energy Business Cards
Convex Energy Posters
Convex Energy Cups
Convex Energy Posters
Convex Energy Stickers
Convex Energy Posters
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Love it: Composition is great, design is great, images are great.

CTO @ Convex Energy


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