A rough index
of everything and anything
that's important.

Last updated February 15th 2019.

Brand assets.

The basic brand things.

Our studio typeface is TT Hazelnuts, used in Regular, Extra-Light, and Bold. Our actual logo is made from PMN Caecilia. Our main colour is International Klein Blue — #1C00CC

Style guide.

Foundation for communication.

Keep in mind that our work as designers is necessarily very public. Because of that, everything we put out should display the qualities we find important and want other designers or prospective clients to notice.


Under contract.

A repository for our learning contracts, design eBooks, an index of the books in our studio library, and all the case studies and book notes we've written along the way.


Thinking ahead.

A collection of all our planning documents, from our earliest October 2017 monthly plan, to our entire 2019 yearly plan. Please remember that these are confidential.


Documenting the things.

Every healthy organisation needs a set way of doing things if they intend to scale. Just because we're small right now doesn't mean we can't document how we do things, or how we'd like to do things, for future reference.


Contracts are sacred.

While these templates are made to be easily editable (just import the markdown into Bear and modify key bolded elements), please run the legal work past Dan before you send it out to anybody.

Design resources.

Bits and pieces to help you make.

While these things should help you design better and faster, remember that the key is emulating, not copying or imitating—there's a fine line between the two. Always add your own touch to a project.

Inspiration—other studios.

Not sure where to find something OR what to do?