2015 – 2016

Startup Guide

Berlin + Stockholm

The complete editorial package: We interviewed entrepreneurs in two cities, profiled them in articles, and took photos of them and their ventures.

The guides are a book series about entrepreneurs in different European cities—think Lonely Planet for the start-up scene. It tells you how to start a business, based on the insights of founders and investors.



Insights through conversation.

Who better to explain a business than its founder? We began the journey towards the book by talking to the entrepreneurs themselves, who talked about the challenges and lessons of building a company.

We also met investors, and owners of co-working spaces, allowing us to get different perspectives on the scene. Being in the same room with them allowed us to ask the questions that mattered.


Articles & Interviews

Putting insights into words.

With all the info gathered, we got to work: After further research on each company and personality, we turned our notes and recordings into articles and interviews—about 80 in total.

Each article summarized a given start-up’s business idea and profiled its journey. In interviews, founders shared their recipes for success—and investors explained what they were looking for in a company. For quick readers, we showcased the most important insights in the form of quotes.


Advice from Corporates

Insightful yet interesting.

The book series is funded by paid articles from corporate actors, who give advice to founders in their own articles. To make sure they found the right voice, we helped them draft up their pieces—either by copyediting their writing or by meeting them in person to find the best story.


Founders and Spaces

Pictured in their best light.

Text and photos go together like nothing else. Having produced all content for the books, we knew what kinds of pictures would fit best—and took them as part of the assignment. Our photos are an honest, engaging look at the scene and its personalities—just like the books they’re shown in.

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