2018 – 2019

Lipis Advisors

Consulting in a new light.

When companies grow too quickly, sometimes the brand gets left behind. We brought this fast-growing payments consultancy up to speed.

For Lipis Advisors we created a new design system, website, and collateral—including office photography and simplified copywriting in three languages.



Making payments tangible.

Consultancy is an abstract services, especially when it concerns a sector many people don't understand. We set out to define it in human terms—and to build an identity based on a clear value proposition.

In a series of in-depth interviews with the team of Lipis Advisors and an investigation of their competitive environment we created a new positioning that emphasizes the company’s expertise and straightforwardness.



All-new visuals.

Lipis Advisors' brand had developed organically and was missing a strategic approach. We redesigned it from scratch, settling on a premium color scheme combined with distinctive typography. We also updated the company's logo by simplifying its shape.

The result? A contemporary design system that scales across materials, both analog and digital.


New Vocabulary

Copy with personality.

We believe that words communicate most effectively—and should go hand in hand with strong visuals. For Lipis Advisors we created a strategic tonality and copywriting guide, then helped them rewrite their website content in English, German, and Spanish.



A slick point of contact.

Lipis Advisors work around the globe, making their website the first point of contact with many clients. Based on our design system, we developed a slick new website based on a clear information hierarchy: It puts Lipis Advisors' services first and shows relatable examples of their past work.

To ensure the website best reflects the company and its people, we took custom photos at their office and edited them match the brand's color scheme.

The new website is based on an easy-to-use CMS that allows staff to self-administer the page and add new content even at a short notice.



From pitch decks to door signs.

Lipis Advisors publish regular reports and attend many trade fairs—reason enough to make sure all their materials use the new branding and show the company in its best light.

We redesigned their public-facing documents, from pitch decks to business cards and stationary. Since the company had just moved offices, we even created a door sign for them.

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