Functional design
with an eye for

We believe that design-driven solutions are necessary to solve complex communication challenges and to help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Guided by curiosity.

We see the role of designers as communicators and facilitators. We’re here to help you get messages across with proactive, well-researched solutions.


Moving fast—staying agile.

Agile has become a buzzword in the tech and design world, but we still believe there’s some magic in it.

We have no project or account managers. The person doing the work is the same one you talk to, because each of us has a direct stake in making sure things turn out great. We see projects through, together.


Direct client–creative dialogue.

We don’t hide behind processes—we believe in honest conversations with clients that identify their true needs. We quickly build on it, making realistic proposals to discuss and iterate on.

Adrian Ciulei
Principal Designer

Adrian co-founded studio~humm in 2017 after having led Oracle’s internal design team. As principal designer, he determines the main design direction and sees through projects from discovery to  implementation.

Jamie Hunter
Web Developer

A designer in a previous life, Jamie now focuses on development with a passion for clean code and high usability. Prior to joining the studio, he worked with various agencies in the UK and in Germany.

Lars Mensel
Brand Strategist

With over ten years of experience working in Berlin’s startup scene and at IBM iX, Lars has the strategic know-how for creating brand identities, content, and websites that stand the test of time.

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